No more yo-yo dieting.

Wondr is a weight-loss program that is clinically proven to help you lose weight, sleep better, stress less, and so much more. We’ll teach you simple skills that are based on behavioral science, so you can enjoy your favorite foods and feel better than ever—at no cost to you.

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The Wondr program is available to all UT SELECT and UT CARE medical plan members ages 18 and up, and the cost is fully covered by the UT SELECT and UT CARE Medical Plans. The Wondr program is covered 100% by your employer sponsored health plan as a preventive care benefit so there is no out of pocket cost for you.

To successfully complete the program, you must complete all 12 of the WondrSkills classes. If you participate in the first class session, you will be eligible to receive 50 wellness points on the UT Living Well platform (powered by Limeade). If  you participate in 4 class sessions, you will be eligible to receive an additional 50 wellness points. If you participate in all 12 of the WondrSkills class sessions, you will be eligible for an additional 100 wellness points. The most points a participant can earn per program acceptance is 200 points.

The Wondr program is available to all UT SELECT and UT CARE Medical Plan members age 18 and above, including employees, retirees, spouses and dependents who have not started a class within the last 12 months.

If you have other questions that have not been addressed above, please visit

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In partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, the Wondr program will be offered as a benefit through our UT SELECT and UT CARE Medical Plans. 

Wondr is an online program that focuses on behavior modification, not dieting, for sustainable results. Via weekly videos and online tools, you will learn techniques to lose weight by changing your relationship with food. The program starts with WondrSkills, teaching you the core principles to start your weight loss journey.  Next, you will receive WondrUp with lessons personalized to your lifestyle and preferences.  Finally, you will have WondrLast for the remainder of the year to help you maintain your weight loss long-term.

Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and complete the online application. Your application is considered complete once you hit ‘Submit’ and see a confirmation message that your application was successfully submitted. Remember that by completing the application, you are committing to participate in the program, if accepted.  There are a limited number of spaces available so please ensure you are committed to diligently completing the program before taking one of the spots.  

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