Feel better than ever and enjoy your favorite foods.

Wondr is a weight loss program that teaches you clinically proven skills to help you lose weight, sleep better, and stress less—at no cost to you.

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The Wondr program is covered 100% by your employer sponsored health plan as a preventative care benefit so there is no out of pocket cost for you.

To successfully complete the program, you must complete 10 of the WondrSkills classes. Completion of the program results in a Healthy Challenge Cash Payout of 75 points.

Employees, non-medicare retirees, spouses and covered dependents age 18 and over enrolled in the medical plan are eligible to apply to the program.

Please note: employees may participate in only one weight loss program offered by the City of Fort Worth's Healthy Challenge Wellness Program.

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Wondr is a skills-based digital weight loss program that helps participants feel better and live stronger. A master class of sorts, our renowned doctors and scientists teach practical, science-based skills that can improve long-term health. Through our app, online community, certified coaches, and weekly video series, participants get a fresh and fun perspective on better health, like the science of eating a juicy burger, how to catch better ZZZs, and the science of preventive care–so they can take simple steps toward better health for their true selves.

Wondr flips diet culture on its head by teaching the science behind eating the foods you love so you can lose weight (for good), feel better, have more energy, gain confidence, sleep sounder, prevent chronic disease, and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing. We teach simple skills that reveal the revolutionary science behind how and when you eat, so you don’t give up what you love to eat. No points, no calorie-counting, no expensive equipment, no gimmicks, no catch. We’re clinically-proven, data-backed, time-tested, pandemic-proof, and passionate about doing the most good for the most people.

Each week, you will get access to a new series of videos that teach simple Wondr skills and principles that meet you where you are and fold right into your lifestyle. These principles are the keys that will help you learn when and how to eat so that you can eat all the foods you love and lose weight at the same time. In addition to the videos, the mobile app and online dashboard include tools to track your weight loss progress, monitor your activity, and find inspiration. You will get access to WondrLinkTM, the online community where participants and health coaches connect to share ideas, successes, encouragement, and challenges.

Bottom line: You can expect to lose weight (and keep it off), stress less, sleep better, gain confidence, and feel better.

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